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"Live" Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire extinguisher training is critical to preserving lives and property. Each year fire causes over $9 billion in direct property loss. Studies have shown that when an individual is properly trained on the use of fire extinguishers, they are 2 1/2 times more effective when extinguishing a fire.

Advanced sensor technology detects where the trainee aims and sweeps our compressed air and water training extinguishers called SmartExtinguishers™. The on-board control system realistically and automatically varies the propane-fed flames and can simulate Class A, B and C fires. SmartExtinguishers™ can be quickly refilled in the field and eliminate the need to use or clean up costly dry-chemical or CO2 extinguishers. Fire extinguisher training is now clean, safe and effective.

This program meets OSHA requirements 1910.157(g).

Credential: Certificate
Target Audience: Business, Industry and the General Public
Course Duration: 1 hour